How to use digital signages for product launches?

December 19, 2022

Product launch events often demand capturing and retaining customer attention. It includes creating brand awareness, providing launch discounts, showcasing your product range, and much more.

Your sales reps are prepared with all the relevant information to convey. However, more and more launches lately use the added layer of dynamic digital displays to convey information quickly and capture attention more efficiently.

Today, we will discuss all the different ways you can use digital signage solutions for product launches. Let’s begin with the most critical area— creating urgency to increase sales.

#1 Create urgency with digital signage

Let’s say you launched an excellent new product solving a key customer challenge.

How do you know that customers wouldn’t postpone their buying decision? 

Once they do, what are the odds of them returning to purchase the same?

Highlight any of the following three components to initiate a quicker buying decision:

  • The top common challenges your product solves
  • Benefits you provide to different target segments
  • Limited-time deals/enticing offers to fasten the buying decision.

Customers always pay attention when you talk about solving their key problems.

Now imagine their excitement of purchasing the product when provided with an opportunity to access 70% off on the launch day.

What are the chances of them taking action now? 

Probably much higher!

Key takeaway:  prioritize benefits over features and present a compelling discounted price to customers on launch day.

#2 Use QR codes for customer engagement

Do you know that QR codes work great for impatient customers desiring quick information?

There are various ways of using QR codes in your product launch to enhance customer engagement. Start by understanding the needs of your target customers. Here are some everyday use cases of QR codes on digital signage displays:

  • Many customers require detailed information about specific products.

How about installing digital signage with a QR code that loads and provides all the information one needs to decide? Try adding specific discounts for first-time users to improve the chances of instant conversion. Remember that most brands succeed in increasing conversions by making QR codes a source of additional information.

  • Organize a fun quiz or giveaways.

QR codes also remain efficient for entertainment purposes. People love indulging in a quiz or giveaways. Many brands organize puzzle challenges or exciting events like scavenger hunts.

  • Use QR codes to display your product catalogs.

Showcasing your wide range of products remains one of the most efficient ways of customer engagement. Provide access to your product catalogs in one easy scan, and you are good to go.

  • Using QR codes for extracting customer information.

Include a short form demanding basic customer information in return for discounts or coupons. Then use the information to keep customers updated with the latest products, upcoming sales, etc.

  • Direct them to your website or social page.

Customers love understanding a brand inside and out before making a purchase. Many minute details about your brand become a great decision-maker. Use QR codes to direct customers to your website, eCommerce store, or social channels. Help them understand the range of your products, brand story, current following, etc.

Takeaway tip: use QR codes on digital signage to organize exciting quizzes, challenges, and additional product information.

#3 Use it to answer FAQs

Customers have abundant questions about a new product in the market. Some are quick to address their queries while others expect to know without asking.

Using Digital Signage to answer frequently asked questions regarding the product will establish clarity. Remember that a customer’s mind having fewer questions increases the chances of conversion.

But why do you need a digital signage display if your sales reps have all the answers?

Here are the two reasons why you need a digital signage display to answer FAQs:

  • Start by admitting that most people are curious yet shy to ask questions. Their queries remain unanswered and they continue using your competitors’ products.
  • Your store might be at full capacity on the product launch day. Digital signages help reduce wait time and provide answers when your reps are occupied.


Key takeaway: Have information-centric digital signage on product launch day instead of only sales-y displays.

#4 Enhance customer experience with interactive displays

Do you know what’s the most successful feature of an in-store digital signage strategy?

Our research has found two in-depth surveys trying to figure the same out:

  • According to a survey conducted by WBR, interactivity remained the top feature. They survey 100 different retailers with 87% of them dwelling on the importance of interactivity.
  • Another retail survey conducted by SOTI showed that 66% of shoppers hate human interaction and prefer self-checkouts. It also revealed that 75% of shoppers like digital displays showcasing inventory availability. This shows that they hate looking for someone to help them out.

Both surveys emphasize the importance of interactive digital signage solutions.

Here are some of the key factors that will provide a great experience on product launch day:

  • Interactive content packed with videos and images conveying the shopping options.
  • User-friendly multitouch tables provide a guided digital tour to prospective customers.
  • Help them learn thoroughly about the products along with allowing them to connect with the brand’s social media accounts.
  • Provide personalization by showing the entire product line when they search for a particular product.
  • Allow customers to directly purchase products of their choice.

Key Takeaway:  provide a personalized experience to customers by installing interactive digital signages. Let them browse through the collections, place orders, and provide an outlet to share their experience as well.

#5 Use animation to inform and entertain prospects

What better way to entice your customers than using animation to showcase information?

No one likes looking at boring displays.

Let’s say your product has multiple uses and stands out amongst the competition based on the areas of diversity. Imagine explaining the uses with 2-D or 3-D animation.

Another great idea is using different animated characters to target your various customer segments. Furthermore, if you are targeting teenagers then adding animation is the best way to capture attention.

Let’s now look at some animation techniques brands use to convey their message:

  • Using Complex Mask hide and reveal the content to maximize your narrative. It works best for asking and then answering questions.
  • Use Image Alteration to make pictures pop out and create the illusion of movement.
  • Create excitement with fast-paced animation aka Kinetic Typography to strategically reveal the elements. It includes rotation, zoom, unexpected pauses, etc.
  • Create loops of your past customers enjoying your products.

Takeaway tip: start experimenting with character animation to put your target segments into funny perspectives.

Wrapping up

Use a blend of the above-mentioned ideas to have a successful product launch. It’s a great opportunity to showcase the edge over your competitors. Make your prospects aware of the remarkable benefits of your products. Furthermore, keep the information interesting and unleash your creativity to garner maximum engagement.

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