Next-gen Digital signage solution - Lightning-fast, Real-time, Personalized

AI-driven cloud-based digital signage solution for seamlessly managing your digital displays


Intelisa Next-gen Digital Signage Solution

Intelisa is a lightning-fast, real-time and personalized digital signage solution, that helps amplify your engagement and sales by upto 3X-5X times, given the advantages and features of digital signage displays.

The advantages of Intelisa’s digital signages are its ability to centrally control and monitor a wide range of real-time multimedia formats, like videos and social media, and the use of advanced underlying technologies that help it shape a more personalized experience for customers and audience.

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    Lightning-fast, plug, and play

    Easy to deploy and use. Manage centrally at a press of a button. No need for a technical team to set up.

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    Plays offline mode and all media formats

    No downtime, it works offline mode as well. Play social media feed, news, videos, webpages, graphic templates, digital menus, and more.

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    Safe & secure

    Security features like firewalls and encryption to make sure your screens are safe.

Thousands of our devices are deployed globally for our esteemed clients


Our digital signage solution is customized for use
across verticals and industries

  • Retail outlets

    Retail outlets

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  • Restaurants & Cafes

    Restaurants & Cafes

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    Manufacturing plants

    Manufacturing plants

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How it works

INTELISA Advantages

Set up screens strategically to digitise communication

Save on recurrent creative change costs

Showcase more offerings & products

Control and monitor your communication easily & centrally

Use screens for third party advertising, and increase revenues

Integrate with your social media pages and e-commerce presence

Measure impressions and analyse performance

Affordable subscription-based offerings

Meet Our Team

We are a passionate young bunch, keen on developing an innovation hub generating IP's to solve key problems and identifying solutions in the space of Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With over 50 years of experience in internet of things, advertising, business incubations, consulting and core R&D engineering, along with 25+ patents and 50+ international research papers under our belt, we are confident of the solutions we bring to life!

Alok Dukle
Alok Dukle

Business Team

Rahul Shukla
Rahul Shukla

Product Development

Dr. Kumar Padmanabh
Dr. Kumar Padmanabh


Anuradha Rastogi
Anuradha Rastogi

Product Development

Anvesh Mantena
Anvesh Mantena

Business Development Partner