A background about our team

When we batchmates came together as a team to build Intelisa, we thought of it as an “innovation hub generating IP’s” to solve key problems in the space of Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Research & Development is a challenging but fulfilling space, wherein the endeavour to think creatively is stretched to its limit. Therefore, having deep domain knowledge is an understandable pre-requisite, but we also think that at times, research remains isolated from good business fundamentals. ROI measurement is increasingly uncertain and long-term. But when done correctly, it creates solutions that are exponentially valuable.

Our team has complementary skillsets that span across internet of things, business incubations, global strategy consulting and core R&D engineering – that we think help bridge this gap.

We built Intelisa as a research hub that solves real-world problems and accelerates value creation for customers, communities and shareholders.
In this, we would also like to build a ‘culture of research’, and encourage more individuals and teams to participate and collaborate.

Stay tuned!