Command your audience’s attention with customized Video Walls, powered by Intelisa

Video walls are a delight to the eye. Screens stacked neatly together form a wall art installation that inevitably brings a wall to life.

At Intelisa, we wanted to introduce a customized digital solution to enable this easily, and give you the flexibility to arrange customized video walls as per your liking.

Video walls with screens stacked to form a complex arrangement, are not only a source of artistic expression but the same screen can also can enable real-time communication to audience, as required.

Be it a 2×2 screen arrangement, 2×3 screen arrangement, angularly oriented or random screen arrangement, Intelisa helps you implement video walls with ease.

Our hardware is deeply integrated with our software, which helps us offer you tight customizable control over screens.

All you need to do is plug in our device to each screen and configure it just once, to build your very own video wall.
And then you can stream images, videos, social media, and much more. You can use each screen separately at times, or all together as a larger screen – as per your choice.

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A 2×2 Digital wall arrangement helps you convey messages life-size

A 2×3 digital video wall arrangement is an extension of the 2×2 arrangement. Similarly, more number of screens can be adjusted as well.

A random aesthetically arranged digital wall dramatically increases visibility and commands the attention of onlookers.