Digital Standees and Fabricated Displays

Eye-Catching Marketing Displays That Drive Customers to Your Business

Are you looking for an effective way to promote your products, your services or an event? Look no further than digital standees! Digital standees are versatile promotional tools designed to captivate your audience and generate maximum visibility.

Whether in retail stores, malls, or restaurants, digital standees have an application across any physical space. They help increase the visibility of your communication, which directly results in increased inquiries and sales. By utilizing digital standees efficiently, you can be sure to attract more customers and boost the success of your business.

Types of Digital Standees

Choose from a variety of fabricated display options to suit your specific needs. We build customized screens of multiple varieties. Here are some of our top sellers:

  1. A-Frame Standee: This versatile standee design allows you to showcase your message maximizing the exposure. Its unique A-frame shape guarantees stability, making it a great choice for indoor events. They are easy to move around and create a look that can blend into the environment.
  1. Floor Standee: The floor standee is an attention-grabbing solution that commands attention in high-traffic areas. It features a large, eye-catching display that ensures your message stands out from the crowd..


Fabricated displays can be strategically placed in numerous locations to captivate your target audience effectively. Here are just a few examples:

Market Areas: Digital Standees near multiplexes, shopping malls, or stores act as invitations, enticing people to visit and explore more about your offerings. These display banners attractively showcase your brand image and create curiosity.

Lobbies and Theaters: To catch the attention of passersby, digital standees are often placed in mall lobbies or theater entrances. Their creative designs, vibrant colors, and engaging content compel people to stop and take notice. By increasing visibility and generating interest, standees have the power to influence purchasing decisions.

Hotels and Resorts: Use of digital standees in their lobbies, reception areas, or near concierge desks can help provide guests with information about amenities, services, and attractions within the property.

Hospitals and Clinics: Use of digital standees in lobbies, waiting areas, or entrances help create awareness about various medical services, health campaigns, or new treatments.  The digital standees can feature information about preventive care, health check-up packages, or upcoming events, attracting the attention of patients, visitors, and medical professionals.

Schools and Universities: Digital standees are placed in entrances, libraries, or common areas to showcase academic achievements, upcoming events, or enrollment information. They can also feature motivational quotes and success stories of alumni or promote extracurricular activities to inspire students.

At Intelisa, we specialize in designing and producing digital standees that drive results. Our expert team will work closely with you to create custom standees that align with marketing objectives. Whether you are promoting a new product, announcing a special event, or seeking to increase foot traffic, our standees are the perfect promotional tool for your business.


Ready to make a bold statement and leave a lasting impression? Contact us today, and let us help you elevate your marketing efforts with our exceptional digital standees!