Digital Signage technology is the technology underlying the digital panels that display media like images, videos and so on.

Since the team at Intelisa has an in-depth expertise in both hardware and software, it has introduced a host of advanced and exciting features, that fit over and above these foundational features.

Technically, of course, this has been made possible owing to the increase in processing power of edge devices (hardware) which can now perform many complex tasks for the digital signboards such as machine learning, and so on, which weren’t possible earlier.

To give a simple overview before going into details, Intelisa’s digital signboards, aid digital display communication in 3 key areas:

Ensuring it is lightning-fast

Being real-time

Making it personalized

Why is lightning-fast communication so important?

When we probe our customers on what parameters they would include to qualify a solution as premium, we most often get “seamlessness” as one of the top 3 in the list.

The fact that a solution must be simple, easy-to-use and robust, is important to us. Intelisa, therefore, has been built to maximize ease at every point for the customer:

  • It can be simply plugged into any screen, and has a plug-and-play installation process
  • The cloud software is intuitive and can schedule communication in “less than 5 clicks”
  • The communication output is quick and robust
  • Reports and dashboards are automated so that tracking is seamless

Care has been taken to keep it “simple” and “seamless” at every step, so that you get an end-to-end lightning-fast experience.

Real-time information is most relevant!

The major drawback of static poster communication is that it simply gets old too-soon, too-fast. And over time, irrelevant. And hence, real-time information will always be the need of the hour. Be it business performance metrics to be displayed, live trainings, latest achievements, and so on, information conveyed should be relevant and real-time.

Intelisa enables real-time information updates for its clients seamlessly – through social media integration, ERP integration, and so on – all are enabled through Intelisa’s digital signage solution.

Personalized and Automated communication always drives maximum sales and engagement

The continued drawback of static communication is that it isn’t targeted. This means, it is an assumption that people seeing the communication find it relevant. Hence, one of Intelisa’s endeavor is to measure the relevance of the communication by measuring ROI. Our advanced features boast AI driven analytics to track eyeballs, demographics and duration of engagement for this communication.

The other goal of personalization has been to tune communication based on the context and make it personalized to the viewer. Based on integrations and advanced analytics, many of such personalized features are wrapped up inside the Intelisa hood!

An overview is mentioned below but to know this in greater detail, please reach out!

  • 01

    Lightning-fast, plug, and play

    Easy to deploy and use. Manage centrally at a press of a button. No need for a technical team to set up.

  • 02

    Plays offline mode and all media formats

    No downtime, it works offline mode as well. Play social media feed, news, videos, webpages, graphic templates, digital menus, and more.

  • 03

    Safe & secure

    Security features like firewalls and encryption to make sure your screens are safe.