In Healthcare facilities, patient education is a key pillar to a patients’ journey. This implies facilitating an improved communication between the doctor, the facility and patients, at the point of care.

Intelisa helps solve for this. Waiting areas and consultative wards are important avenues to communicate key information. Intelisa helps you do this by digital signages projecting quality healthcare information, that can help keep your patients informed.

Project your expertise, disseminate healthcare information, earn secondary revenues and more

Using the valuable time with your patients in waiting rooms to enhance engagement

Splitting the screen to combine strategic communication with queue management

Here are some features of Intelisa’s signage solution that can help healthcare facilities:


Conveying Hospital/ Clinic Services: A display network that is visible to every patient, visitor and medical attendant, helps inform them about key services which patients would normally not be aware of. Given that these services sharpen over time, it is important that the medium be real-time, so that patients are aware of the latest information.


Conveying your expertise and achievements: With displays, real-time communication of case studies as well as the expertise of your panel of doctors and facility can be projected at real-time. We also provide tools to help build this communication at ease.


Convey recommendations on products that can help your patients: For example, an innovation on a nursing pillow showcased in a paediatric waiting area can be a great way to convey a good solution to mothers. It will also help you earn additional secondary revenue through advertisements.


Play quality healthcare content: We have an in-house panel of doctors that churns out quality healthcare content in forms of videos, infographics, and so on, based on your need, which can be extremely helpful for patient education. We create customized content based on your need.


Improve staff training: Displays in break rooms or similar areas where staff members spend a lot of time can be used to provide updates on work policies, new treatments and safety procedures. Leadership messages can also be relayed in these areas.


Split screen and to also use it for queue management, etc: You can split your television screen, and use a part of it for operational purposes like nurse calling or queue management. Our system can integrate with yours, to help project this communication.


Integrate with social media: Healthcare facilities increasingly have a social media presence to disseminate key information. The valuable communication, which is created now, can also be relayed on your digital signage network, so that one message is relayed across mediums.


Add a layer of intelligence and customize: You can now measure number of people viewing your communication, and gauge the effectiveness of it. Also, customize our solution for enabling features like nurse calling and so on, based on your needs.

INTELISA Advantages

Convey Hospital/ Clinic Services

Convey panel of experts and their achievements

Recommend good products

Play quality healthcare content

Improve staff training

Integrate with your online presence

Add a layer of intelligence