Intelisa’s upgraded offering is tailored exclusively for restaurants and cafés. There is an increasing need for digitizing the experience at restaurants to reduce queues, add flexible digital menu boards to showcase multiple and new offerings, and more.

However, the needs of a restaurant are largely unique from other sectors discussed earlier: offerings are limited but fast moving, billing queues are a key constraint, and so on.

Digital menu boards are powerful tool to highlight new products and offerings, and engage customers

The self-ordering app is useful for avoiding unnecessary queues

Intelisa’s Digital Menu Board: Digital menu boards are an important part of customer education. With digital menu boards, get the flexibility of a digital medium to showcase your products:

  • Show videos of products
  • Update offerings and prices with a single click
  • Enable on-the-spot campaigns and dynamic offers
  • Drive social media integration and create customer engagement campaigns
  • And much more

Digital In-Hand Menu and Self-Service Kiosks: Our digital app offering, helps you create digital menu boards for customers, shown through their personal mobile phones.

They can easily log on to it in the restaurant, and what’s more, even order through the app so that they can avoid unnecessary customer queues:

  • Enable menu displayed on phone
  • Drive ordering through the app to avoid queues
  • Get digital feedback
  • Easy happy hour and spot offers customizations
  • And more

Here are some advantages of employing Intelisa’s signage solution in restaurants & cafe’s:


Show multiple offerings & initiatives: There are various advantages to turning digital. Show updated menu offerings, give price flexibility by the time of day, show product videos, and much more, through this new medium.


Enable customer engagement through social media channels: Ask you customers to take selfies and put it across your chain of restaurants. Enable campaigns and drive engagement.


Live dashboards and training for daily huddles: During non-working hours, many of customers use the same screens for training videos and showcasing dashboards like targets versus actuals, leadership messages, and so on.


Enable menu on phone for ordering: Enable your customized restaurant app which customers can log in to check the menu, and also enable ordering through them. This will avoid unnecessary queues. Pre-orders can also be placed enabled.


Enable digital feedback: It is important to understand the pulse of customers, and generate suggestions based on on-ground insights. Nothing like getting feedback and suggestions close to the point of sale. Now, digital feedback can be enabled through our solution.


Easy happy hour and spot offers customizations: Enable customized and dynamic offers for customers basis sales trends. This aids upsell and cross sell of offerings during lean times, and helps amplify revenues.

INTELISA Advantages

Show multiple offerings & initiatives

Enable customer engagement through social media channels

Live dashboards and training for daily huddles

Enable phone menus for ordering

Enable digital feedback

Easy happy hour and spot offers customizations