Digital Signage technology is the technology underlying the digital panels displaying the media, like images, videos and so on.

It consists of 2 key components:





The architecture of the mechanism is as follows:

Hardware: This is the device which either plugs into the display panel or is an inherent part of the display panel. The purpose of it is to control the display through a device. Given the advancement of the IoT technology, the device can do a number of things on the ‘edge’ like run machine learning algorithm which were previously not possible. This opens up a number of more features like ‘counting eyeballs’, ‘AI driven communication’ and so on, making it a context-aware device.

Software: The software is the cloud through which communication to the device is enabled and synched.

The Communication Gap & Opportunity

Display communication – be it external customer facing or internal employee facing – is a key communication medium since it is the only channel that is impossible to miss, and has one of the highest communication penetration levels.
Unfortunately, its usage is grossly suboptimal.

For majority of the market, communication is currently done through a static medium (like posters, magazines, etc) or basic digital displays, which suffer from the following drawbacks:


single offering is shown for a long period of time, since we cannot dynamically change communication easily


Change of creatives requires manual effort and costs, and have to be planned well in advance


The return on investment for static communication becomes a blind spot since one cannot measure the effectiveness of the communication


Most technology that exist currently are simply centrally controlled, but not intelligent. This means that the technologies are not able to schedule communication intelligently based on dynamic variables and parameters, they are not able to analyze and monitor the audience of the communication, and so on.


Communication is generic and not personalized. Communication can be targeted to the customer accessing the content, and tuned to his/ her preferences.

  • A single offering show for a long time

  • Requires manual effort and costs

  • Return on investment is a blind spot

  • Communication is not real-time or dynamic

  • Communication is not personalized

Our Solution

Intelisa’s digital signage solution is a plug-and-play technology device which plugs into any television or LED screen, and enables a host of digital signage features.

At the first level, it converts static to digital communication by enabling the following features:


Centrally controlled screens: The plug-and-play Intelisa technology enables screen to be centrally controlled from anywhere. It is able to schedule communication by time, screen groups, locations, and more.


Works Offline: The Intelisa device is able to work completely independently, so that it is not dependent on a regular stream of internet. It enables the device to work in an offline mode.


Cloud Dashboarding: For monitoring purposes, a central cloud enables dashboards to be visible, so that decision makers can remotely keep track of communication and status updates.

Besides these core features, there are various others like role management, security levels, which are included in this base product.

At the next level, there are various advanced features, that are deeper and use exciting and new technologies like Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence, a quick summary of which is as below.

  • 01

    Lightning-fast, plug, and play

    Easy to deploy and use. Manage centrally at a press of a button. No need for a technical team to set up.

  • 02

    Plays offline mode and all media formats

    No downtime, it works offline mode as well. Play social media feed, news, videos, webpages, graphic templates, digital menus, and more.

  • 03

    Safe & secure

    Security features like firewalls and encryption to make sure your screens are safe.

We will cover the advanced features in greater detail in subsequent sections. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to share more.