Display or OOH (Out of Home) advertising has traditionally been the billboard form of communication that we have all been familiar with. On an average, 6-8% of a brands overall marketing budget has been traditionally deployed on this channel.

Globally, the size of the OOH industry clocks over 40bn USD. The advantages are obvious: It is highly visible to its target audience, is perfect for visibility of ‘neighbourhood’ led businesses and is cost effective as compared to other channels. Slowly and surely, though, digital technology is influencing this form of advertising. From OOH to Digital OOH, the sector is evolving.

Also, with businesses realizing the need to use their own space effectively, generating secondary revenues through advertising is a good avenue to accelerate income. ‘Let your space work for you’ is a mantra that residential complexes, corporates, retailers are increasingly employing.

Eye catching billboards make Times Square what it is!

Indoor Digital OOH avenues like malls, residential places, are on the rise to generate secondary revenues

ROI Measurement and reports are an important value add as a result of DOOH

Intelisa, with its digital OOH product suite, has features tuned for DOOH space owners interested in employing Digital OOH. As also OOH owners who are exploring a transition to digital OOH.

Here are some advantages of employing Intelisa’s signage solution in Digital OOH avenues:


Plug-and-play into any screen: With Intelisa’s universally compatible media player and software, one can simply plug-and-play the product in to any screen – be it LED, LCD, televisions, or others. It has the ability to drive the latest display technology like Ultra HD and 4K.


Advertisements can be sold by time-slots: One major advantage of Digital OOH over others, is that ads can be sold in slots and hence a number of advertisements can be displayed every day – this, of course, wasn’t possible on traditional billboards where only one advertisement could be shown at a time.


Dynamic (movement-led) advertisements are more eye-catching: In digital displays, one can show ‘moving ads’ and ‘videos’. This format of communication is more eye-catching and attention grabbing, versus static images, and hence a great tool which can be used by marketers.


More advertising revenue from the same OOH space: The fact that one can sell advertisements in time slots, create dynamic creatives, and more as mentioned above, results in the fact that one can generate more advertising revenues per square foot area i.e. generate more revenue from the same area.


Monitoring becomes easy: Monitoring that creatives are up and running has always been a formidable task traditionally with billboards. In fact, agencies employ staff particularly to monitor the area of the billboard to make sure that it is up and running. With a digital infrastructure, this can be more scientific and real-time. Reports of when-which advertisement was played can be generated immediately.


Adding intelligence and engagement in advertisements: One of the key features that gets added as a result of digital displays is the fact that it can be more engagement driven. One example is creating interactive campaigns by integrating billboards with social media handles. Many more such exciting features await in this space.

INTELISA Advantages

Plug-and-play into any screen

Advertisements sold by time-slots

Eye-catching dynamic advertisements

Greater advertising revenue

Easy monitoring

Adding intelligence and engagement