Fundamentally, all you need is to understand the power of Digital Signage technology and the avenues / features it would open up for you, in terms of sales amplification and convenience.

Technically, though, you need to have an internet connection (either through wifi, dongle, LAN or SIM) and a power supply.

Technically, all you need to have is an internet connection (either through wifi, dongle, LAN or SIM) and a power supply.

We, however, always like to drive maximum ROI based on best practices we have seen and deployed so far. We, therefore, recommend that you have a conversation with us, to strategically decide on:

  • Where the digital signage screens should be placed?
  • What is the right display panel for you?
  • What features should you focus on to drive maximum ROI
  • And so on

Sure, do reach out to us on with your details and we will get in touch with you.

We take security very seriously. Regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing is performed on all our technology assets, so that our network security is on par with global standards. Our data centres are globally scalable and ensure strict data privacy implementation. Our work with global clients is a testimony to our security standards.

Definitely. Our technology follows global protocols and is deployed by clients internationally. We also have a robust helpdesk that provides global support.

We believe a digital signage solution can replace any ‘static communication that is meant to be conveyed to multiple people’. For example, notices to residents in buildings or safety tips in a manufacturing facility to workers, or doctors information and real-time updates to patients in a clinic, and more.

Our digital signage solution can be used across various sectors. We have equipped the solution with features tailored for multiple sectors.

Yes, we provide end-to-end turnkey solutions that span across all areas of Digital Signage technology.

We have tie-ups with screen manufacturers, standard and customized.

We also have a solution for designing creatives suited for digital signages.

Our management team comprises of digital consultants that have worked with  Fortune 500 companies, and are happy to have a conversation on ‘anything digital’.

One of the things we are passionate about, is the outcome-driven approach that we bring into our engagements. And therefore, measuring ROI and outcome suitably is an inherent part of every engagement that we take up. It helps us measure and benchmark the success we achieve together. We will share more details with you on how we do this, when we connect.

Our portal is extremely intuitive and easy-to-use. We have built it in a way so that users find it extremely easy to navigate and operate. Scheduling and modifying content can be done in just a few clicks.

In order to estimate the price of installation of an LED screen, you should have the following handy:

  • Intended dimensions (L x W) of the screen
  • Location and type of the screen (Indoors, outdoors, etc)
  • Primary use-case for the screen
  • Auxiliary requirements (Power supply & Internet access)
  • The pitch and brightness of the screen. (In case you do not have a view on this, no problem. We can recommend you the optimum configuration)

Yes you can. A number of different functions like rotation, changing the aspect ratio, zooming to a particular part of a creative for enabling video wall functionality, and so on, can be performed with the help of our technology.

Yes, Intelisa can be hosted on a local server too. However, we do recommend our cloud as a default choice, since it would imply easy upgrade of features with no costs. Local servers will increase your costs of upgrades, maintenance, and so on, but can be principally done when mandatorily required.

Yes, indeed and this is something that we recommend to clients over time. Using data from your system, communication can be made more intelligent, real-time and dynamic. We work with your team to recommend initiatives that would impact engaging communication.

This depends on the number of devices and screens ordered, but we communicate a typical lead time of 2-3 weeks from the date of order.

We recommend one Intelisa device per screen to give you scalability, flexibility and smooth operations.