Successful internal communication in organizations is important for aligning a common purpose or vision, as well as for sharing best practices, and is a glue that binds its people together.

While Emailers, posters and standees serve this purpose, the average communication reach is a fraction and suboptimal. Also, messages stay constant for a long time.

Intelisa’s next gen digital signage technology plugs in with any screen, to convert this static into digital display communication.

Drive team engagement & celebrate success

Best Practice sharing

Drive targets & engagements

Intelisa can help engage employees through screens placed across the organization, like break out areas, lobbies, factory floors, and so on, all from a single portal over the internet.

Here are some advantages of employing Intelisa’s signage solution in corporate setups and offices:


Show multiple streams of regular communication of initiatives: With a digital medium, one can show multiple number of messages. A number of initiatives can, therefore, be displayed on digital mediums.


Enable internal engagement through social media channels: Internal engagement aids team building and shapes organization culture. Organizations are increasingly using internal social media to help people connect across different locations. Through digital signages in facilities, the efficiency of these mediums can increase greatly.


Share leadership messages: Regular leadership communication is key to building organization culture. Through digital signages placed in various locations, this can be effected easily and efficiently.


Best practice sharing: Organizations have a number of best practices, that get limited to specific departments. A key intervention, therefore, is sharing best practices that helps teams celebrate their success and percolates good practices which can be followed.


Live training across the organization: In the era of remote working through Covid, remote live training and meetings can be a boon. Imagine a manager going through targets and actuals remotely with his or her workers. Through this, the frequency of communication can be increased and also the efficiency.

INTELISA Advantages

Showcase multiple communications through the organization

Enable internal engagement through social media

Show leadership messages

Best Practice sharing

Enable live training and communication