Digital signages in Retail stores, are tremendously helpful. Retail stores generally have a wide range of offerings, and therefore, need to showcase a number of fast-changing offerings to customers easily.

We generally focus on two key categories of Retail. One is General Retail, which include subcategories ranging from FMCG’s, appliances, groceries, and more.

The other is fashion or high indulgence retail, which house ever-changing fashion trends generally for a focussed product category. (eg. apparel, watches, etc)

Both the above categories have one thing in common: they have a huge range of offerings which simply cannot be displayed through a static medium. Digital signage technology is, therefore, a key solution that should be employed to display more offerings and amplify sales.

In addition, besides showing more offerings, Intelisa’s advanced intelligence suite features help retailers sell ‘intelligently’.

Here are some advantages of employing Intelisa’s signage solution:


Show more offerings & products: With a digital medium, one no longer needs to show only one offering for extended period of times. Instead, increase visibility and highlight more products using a digital medium


Save on recurrent creative change costs: A static creative change involves printing, logistics and well as coordination costs in terms of money and time. And this occurs every time a new offering needs to be displayed. With digital signage displays, efficiency increases, and cost decreases.


Control and monitor communication: Centrally control and monitor your communication easily through the solution. The solution gives you flexibility of scheduling and also presents calendars and customized dashboards to track the efficacy of the same.


Integrate with social media: We have increasingly observed that engagement with customers is increasingly isolated to the online world through social media where real-time campaigns are possible. Now extend these campaigns to the offline world through the interconnected ecosystem of screens.


Measure impressions: You can now measure number of people viewing your communication, and gauge the effectiveness of it. This is key for a marketer who needs to continually gain feedback from the audience and fine tune the message. It truly amplifies sales and communication effectiveness over time.


Add a layer of Intelisa’s intelligence: In addition to the above features, also add in a layer of Intelisa’s advanced features like intelligent automated scheduling, gesture controlling, and so on, and bring your customer engagement to life.

To give you a perspective, we have observed an enhanced product visibility and customer engagement accelerating sales upto 2X-4X times of the product displayed!

INTELISA Advantages

Showcase more offerings & products

Save on recurrent creative change costs

Control and monitor your communication automatically

Add a layer of Intelisa’s intelligence to sell more

Integrate with your online presence

Measure impressions and analyse ROI