Top 5 Digital Signage Ideas For Your Retail Store

December 28, 2022

Do you know that simply visually highlighting top products at the point of sale in a retail store doubles their conversion rate? (Case in Point: The effectiveness of mannequins!) 

Let’s be honest; the world is filled with window shoppers looking for a slight push. It can be a sale, an irresistible offer, a unique brand story, or an interesting production process.

Captivating visuals are quick at capturing attention. Your walk-ins drastically increase when they see a tempting offer next to their favourite items.

But there are various ways of using digital signages for your retail store.

Today, we will cover some of these ways and strategies to make the most of your displays. Here’s a 101 of making offers your prospects can’t refuse!

1) Highlight The Current Offers And Sale On Top Products

How often have you walked into a store after seeing a sale sign or a tempting offer?

Our excitement to purchase heightens when our most-loved products are highlighted, especially with special offers. But what if disappointment follows as the sale ended weeks ago or the product displayed is out of stock?

The traditional ways of communication (posters, pamphlets, magazine displays) show a single offering for an extended period. Conveying new information takes an unnecessary amount of time and effort.

Why choose digital signages over traditional approaches?

  • Display real-time information on limited period offers and sales on the best-selling products.
  • Automation removes the burden of manual effort and costs.
  • Enhance customer excitement with countdowns for upcoming sales.
  • Scheduling offers and promotions become more accessible while you convey your top offers to a mass audience.

Takeaway tips:

  1. A 50% off sign next to a fast selling product will likely drive enquiries for that product. Changing offers dynamically is as important as highlighting the right product, and both are key to amplifying sales.
  1. Use a digital signage solution that lets you schedule your promotions in advance and track analytics. For instance, Intelisa’s AI-driven analytics help create targeted content based on results. Measure the results, modify your content creation strategy, and follow it with strategic signage placement.

2) Share Your Unique Brand Story With The Customers

Do you have a crazy story behind how your brand came into existence?

Use digital signage to convey that story and show your brand is more than the products or services it provides. A unique brand story helps establish a connection with your prospective customers.

Brand loyalty often stems when prospects connect with your brand’s values. Here are some questions you can focus on:

  • What core problems you identified led you to start your brand?

Explain how you came around to the solutions that stem from your personal troubles.

  • What are the unique ways you use to solve the concerned problems?

Give your audience a glimpse of your thought-out approaches.

  • Does your brand name have deep values attached to it?

People love dwelling on compelling stories driving an action.

  • How much have you progressed over the years?

Play with numbers and create a visual impact while depicting your progress.

  • Is your brand focused on producing eco-friendly products? What other soft aspects do you cater to through your products?

Every successful brand recognizes the importance of storytelling. Instead of conveying the idea of selling products with every content piece, focus on selling experiences.

3) Showcase User-Generated Content To The Audience

Do you know that 93% of consumers agree to make quicker buying decisions with User-generated content (UGC)?

Prospective customers will likely believe past users’ experiences and reviews rather than the experience the brand claims to provide or advertises. The impact of user-generated content on conversions remains high.  Moreover, providing unbiased information on your products helps make quicker decisions.

Showcase a social media wall

Creating a social media wall is the easiest way of incorporating UGC into digital signage. Social media works wonders in capturing attention in the retail setting. Focus on the following aspects while creating a social media wall:

  • Either target a specific platform like Twitter or have a blend of different ones (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).
  • Work on identifying the platforms where your target audience talks the most.
  • Next, extract all these conversations, photos, and videos and display them to your prospects.
  • Include social icons on the signage to drive traffic to your social platforms.

Takeaway tips 

  1. Show your prospective customers the experience you provide through text, images, and videos. With Intelisa, you can communicate real-time updates with social media integration, ERP integration, and more. It’s time to eliminate static posters conveying outdated information to users.
  2. Displaying past users’ experiences next to the products helps give customers a real-time experience to initiate the buying decision.

5) Run Videos Showing Your Production Process

Does your production process differ significantly from your competitors? Is it a short yet exciting journey your prospects should know about?

Audiences love knowing the production process of the items they use regularly. Brands often make heavy claims about their products in marketing campaigns. But they rarely put effort into backing it up with proof.

Words continue to have a substantial impact but showcasing the actions builds trust. Here is what you should do instead:

  • Instead of claiming the use of eco-friendly raw materials, display the entire production process.
  • Provide utmost transparency to establish credibility among your target audience.
  • Add enough transitions in your videos for a visually pleasing effect.
  • Blend the production process with funny behind-the-scene videos to make it interesting.

6) Showcase the range of your products

People outside your retail store can see only a limited number of products displayed on the front. 

What if they are interested in spending on products they can’t see?

You can interpret audiences’ needs, but the final decision comes from their end.

With digital signages, showcase your wide range of products in a captivating and dynamic video walls. Combine them with the top benefits they provide to a targeted customer segment. Moreover, giving quick access to varieties work well in capturing interest.

Here’s how Rebecca Minkoff, one of the luxury fashion brands, uses digital signage to provide an interactive experience.

Using this interactive digital signage, users can browse through product catalogues, contact attendants, etc. It provides a hassle-free experience of exploring items, especially during heavy crowd in-store.


Retail digital signage works exceptionally well whether you promote an offer, showcase your range of products or integrate physical with your online reviews and content. Digital signage solutions like Intelisa are equipped with a centrally controlled module to help you keep track of your advertised information. Communicating status updates also becomes easier through the cloud. The company tackles large and small businesses looking to improve their ROI through effective communication.

The end-to-end service ensures all your needs are handled without any hassle. Furthermore, the heavy focus on personalization and automated communication further improves engagement and drives sales.

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