Social Media & Digital Signages

February 11, 2021

Combining your Social Media content with on-ground Digital Signages make a great combination

I recently went to my family doctors’ clinic when I was running a slight temperature. Quite ironic, but I was pleasantly surprised during the visit. In its waiting room, the clinic was displaying testimonials from their social media feed. This was a welcome change from the drab static communication that was perpetually pinned up.

Being in the Digital Signage space, I always think of it as a silent victory when I, “as a consumer”, am able to see and benefit from the product. Time and again, I have observed that digital display communication penetrates through to its consumer, like no other.

The effectiveness grows even more exponentially when you tie in social media to it.

Why display social media on digital signages? And what are some powerful ways to build a good campaign?

I attempt to explain:

Break the dichotomy of physical and online world: Owing to separate agencies or teams managing offline and online campaigns/ activations, I have observed that there is often a looming dichotomy between the two spaces, with limited overlap. For example, why can’t a campaign for a kids wear brand that crowdsources pictures online, extend its campaign and display it in their stores, etc. I think the constraint of not having a digital channel at store maybe a reason, which can be overcome by a digital signage medium at the shop floor.

Add 360-degree levers for a campaign: This is an extension of the earlier point. A single campaign should have touchpoints across all channels. For example, a customer visiting a store can engage with a campaign (at the store), and then continue the engagement once back home (through social media). This increases scope for a lasting brand impression and recall.

Reuse content: Brands churn out quality content for their social media feed almost every other day. Why not reuse it across channels to drive awareness? This not only saves cost, but, I believe, real-time communication across channels is key to breaking communication barriers and silos.

Use the power of testimonials, reviews and customer stories: Testimonials, reviews and a good word help like no conventional marketing can, since it is viewed as independent and unbiased.  A great feedback, an interesting testimonial can be projected across channels as a shining example of success. One can encourage outstanding service by recognizing employees who bring in such customer delight.

Integrate with key processes: Certain key processes greatly help in operations, like queue management in restaurants, with token numbers displayed to inform customers of their orders. One can use digital signages to display these processes and ease operations along with other communication alongside it. A great way to integrate multiple use-cases with a dynamic real-time channel.

Build engagement: One cannot emphasize enough on building engagement as a tool for brand growth. One of the key pillars to leave behind a lasting brand impression and recall is by engaging with your audience. A two-way conversation is far more impactful given participation from the intended audience.

Try adding a CTA to incentivize: Incentives to trigger action are also a great way to enable a two-way conversation as mentioned earlier. For example, a small prize or some recognition, can go a long way to trigger participation.

There are many such useful methods to integrate the online with the offline.

Intelisa helps you with all the features that are required to enable a 360-degree campaign.

We will be happy to assist you with ideas based on the space and sector you operate in. Give us a ring, drop us a line, we are always happy to connect and brainstorm!

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