7 reasons why Digital Signages make an impact on business

November 19, 2020

Digital Signage technology is a fast growing tech-space that drives communication to audiences physically through digital screens.
Digital signages can be used across sectors: Think of digital screens in a retail store, that communicate offerings to customers from the central marketing team at real-time.
Or in a corporate that integrates employee engagement related campaigns and drive best practice sharing across the organization.
You can read more on its applications across sectors on our website, especially across Retail, Restaurants, Corporates and Manufacturing.

Off late, and thanks to advancements in underlying technologies, communication through digital signages has become more intelligent. Here are some interesting features that make for compelling reasons to think of how a Digital Signage maybe applicable to your business.

Reason #1: Show products and offerings at real-time and amplify sales
Did you know that a product that is well-highlighted in a store, sells upto 2X-3X times a product that is not highlighted. When a customer is at the point of sale, the most valuable asset is your time with him or her, which can be used to communicate more effectively. By showing product communication and updates at real-time, your communication efficiency to customers is greatly enhanced.

Reason #2: Show more products by new communication every few seconds
With digital screens, you are no longer constrained by the number of creatives you can show. A number of messages, products and offerings can therefore be conveyed to customers, through the same medium. This directly implies a better use of real-estate.

Reason #3: Reduce the lag between what you want to show and what is shown
At times, strategic communication at retail outlets needs to be planned well in advance, so as to communicate it at the point of sale correctly. Often this results in communication of offerings which are irrelevant, or simply not in the store (due to being stock-out, etc)
With digital signages, however, communication becomes more instantaneous and dynamic, and there is no lag between what you want to communicate and what you actually do.

Reason #4: Make your signage network intelligent
With the advent of advanced underlying technologies, signage networks are far more intelligent than they were. Think of each digital signage display as an intelligent unit, which can schedule communication based on the time of day, local sales patterns, live in-store demographics and more. Personalization of communication can be achieved at different levels. This results directly in sales amplification.

Reason #5: Compelling dynamic creatives
One of key reasons why digital signages garner upto 2X attention versus static communication, is simply because they are brighter (due to it being an LED display) and the creatives can be dynamic (moving). Small movements in creatives substantially increase viewership levels.

Reason #6: Measure precise ROI
It is always important to measure and get a bang for the buck. Marketing spends can be better optimized by measuring ROI of channels.
Digital signages help us estimate ROI by various parameters: like measuring viewership or impressions i.e. number of customers who saw the creatives, their demographics, attention span to the creatives, and many more.

Reason #7: Add engagement to your customer interactions
Digital signages, once installed, can be augmented with sensors, through which the same display can be used with a layer of added engagement. Be it use cases like virtual trial rooms, or a social media engagement campaign, a number of such ideas can be added on top of the digital signage foundation. Our earlier article on “5 coolest digital signages from across the world”, gives a few exciting applications of the technology.

To conclude, digital signage technology is a nascent but growing technology which helps catapult efficient stakeholder communication.

It has applications across sectors, and in case some of the reasons above echo with your business need, do try out our free trial to pilot the features for growing your business.

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