5 Coolest Digital Signage applications from across the world

October 13, 2020

by Alok Dukle

Alok Dukle is Co-Founder & CEO of Intelisa with over 10 years of experience in early stage growth ventures, venture investments and Internet of Things (IoT). He has previously worked with the USD 21Bn Mahindra Group, in its Private Equity and Incubation division.

Display communication is one of the oldest forms of communication.  In fact, cave paintings which date back a whooping 40,000 years to the Stone Age (that’s right!), were the first form of display communication.

The resilience of the mighty display communication is given the fact that it is in physical space, which we can presume will be here to stay, perennially.

With the onset of digital display technologies such as LCD’s, LED’s, the IoT technology, and more, display communication has evolved greatly. What was a one-way static medium, can now be an engagement-driven two-way digital medium, which opens up a world of possibilities.

Here are some incredibly cool applications that we spotted globally powered by this intelligent technology:

1) For virtual trials:

With gesture control and virtual reality through embedded sensors, one can enable trial of clothes on a virtual ‘digital’ mirror.
Here is a store in Dubai that enables this incredible feature.
On one hand, the display acts like a mirror, and when required turns into a screen and enables virtual trials.

Image Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/389702173981509331/

Swapping of clothes and matching them can happen through gesture controlled features. And using 3D renders, virtual trials become very meaningful.
It also aids in reducing the constraints of traditional trial rooms – of taking a bunch of clothes and trying them on, standing in long lines with substantial waiting time, and so on – which opens doors to a hassle-free trial experience.

What’s more, the clothes ‘virtually tried on’ need not be stocked in the store itself. One can sell clothes from any location and then ship them directly to the customers location. Omni-channel sales, as a result, can be enabled from stores at ease.

2) Community building in cities:

This is a great way to stay in touch and build the community. When you visit New York, watch out for the digital signages that are lined across bus stops.
The displays are used to communicate the latest events running in the locality. They also give commuters important information from the local government. And through advertisements, they also add to revenues.
One more cool feature is that it features real-time engagement campaigns and contests like the ‘Halloween photo campaign’ shown below that was live in New York, and that keeps commuters engaged!

In Boston, one can watch out for solar powered screens that use e-ink technology. This solves for one of the key problems which comes with display screens – giving a continuous power supply. We will talk more about these displays in detail in a later article.

3) Real-time engagement driven hoardings:

This was a digital hoarding that went viral thanks to real-time engagement. Advertisements and brand communication can be more meaningful if they add to conversations, that are not just one-way.

Using real-time and engagement driven campaigns is a great way for brands to realize a greater bang for their buck.

Image Source: https://twitter.com/relientkenny/status/1206654881391685640

4) Dynamic design experience:

The next application of digital signages that makes a great impact is using it as a dynamic design layer for experience. It blends in perfectly architecturally with spaces and adds in to overall aesthetics.

Take this lobby video wall, for instance, with an array of crafted screens that not only present an aesthetically premium design, but also shows key information when required on the screens.

5) The obvious example - Light ‘em up and gain eyeballs:

Applications for digital signages are incomplete without the obvious reference – from the heart of the city that never sleeps. That’s right, New York’s Times Square which boasts a busy city square with digital signages on buildings all around it.

If we would replace them with static billboards, would it really make Times Square what it is?  A great example proving that digital signages are naturally eye-catching and build a far superior engagement level!

Will be happy to receive additional examples, comments & ideas on your take of innovative digital signages that add to communication and engagement. Do write to us on info@intelisa.in

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