5 Coolest Digital Signage applications from across the world

July 13, 2023

by Alok Dukle

Alok Dukle is Co-Founder & CEO of Intelisa with over 10 years of experience in early stage growth ventures, venture investments and Internet of Things (IoT). He has previously worked with the USD 21Bn Mahindra Group, in its Private Equity and Incubation division.

Display communication is one of the oldest forms of communication.  In fact, cave paintings which date back a whooping 40,000 years to the Stone Age (that’s right!), were the first form of display communication.

The resilience of the mighty display communication is given the fact that it is in physical space, which we can presume will be here to stay, perennially.

With the onset of digital display technologies such as LCD’s, LED’s, the IoT technology, and more, display communication has evolved greatly. What was a one-way static medium, can now be an engagement-driven two-way digital medium, which opens up a world of possibilities.

Here are some incredibly cool applications that we spotted globally powered by this intelligent technology:

1) Virtual Trials: Redefining the Shopping Experience

Virtual trials have revolutionized the way people shop for clothes, offering a unique and immersive experience through the use of gesture control and virtual reality technologies. Imagine stepping in front of a digital mirror that not only reflects your image but also transforms into a dynamic screen, allowing you to virtually try on different outfits without the need for physical garments.

One remarkable example of this cutting-edge technology can be found in a store located in Dubai. By leveraging embedded sensors and advanced software, customers can now indulge in the extraordinary feature of trying on clothes virtually. Through intuitive gestures, users can swap between various clothing options and instantly see how they look, thanks to incredibly realistic 3D renders.

Furthermore, this innovative approach to shopping enables retailers to break free from the limitations of stocking clothes in-store. Once a customer finds their perfect fit, the purchased clothes can be conveniently shipped directly to their location. This seamless integration of digital signage with omnichannel sales creates a dynamic and efficient shopping ecosystem.

2) Community Building in Cities: Strengthening Connections

Community building plays a vital role in fostering connections and enhancing the sense of belonging within cities. In bustling metropolises like New York, digital signages lining bus stops have become a powerful tool for staying in touch and building a vibrant community.

These digital displays serve multiple purposes, including communicating the latest local events and sharing vital information from the local government with commuters. Additionally, the inclusion of advertisements generates revenue while ensuring the displays remain financially sustainable.

One notable feature of these digital signages is their ability to facilitate real-time engagement campaigns and contests, such as the captivating ‘Halloween photo campaign’ held in New York. By actively involving commuters in these initiatives, these displays keep individuals engaged and create a shared experience within the community.

Similarly, in Boston, solar-powered screens utilizing e-ink technology are making a significant impact. These screens effectively address one of the critical challenges associated with display technology-ensuring a continuous power supply.

3) Real-time Engagement-Driven Hoardings: Amplifying Brand Communication

Real-time engagement driven hoardings have emerged as a powerful tool for brands to achieve greater impact and maximize their return on investment.

One remarkable example of this is a digital hoarding that captured the internet’s attention and went viral. By incorporating real-time engagement features, brands can actively involve the audience and create an immersive experience. This interactive approach sparks curiosity, encourages participation, and generates a sense of connection with the brand.

Image Source: https://twitter.com/relientkenny/status/1206654881391685640

4) Dynamic Design Experience: Enhancing Aesthetics with Digital Signages

Digital signages serve as a powerful tool for creating a dynamic design layer that enhances the overall aesthetics and architectural integration of spaces. One compelling application is the use of digital signages in lobbies, where they seamlessly blend in with the surroundings while offering a visually captivating and informative experience.

Imagine a lobby video wall featuring an array of meticulously crafted screens. Not only does this setup present a premium and aesthetically pleasing design, but it also serves as a versatile platform for showcasing key information when needed.

Whether displaying welcome messages, event schedules, or engaging multimedia content, the dynamic nature of the digital signage adds a layer of sophistication and modernity to the space.

5) Immersive 3-D Experience

3D digital billboards are a cutting-edge form of advertising that utilizes advanced technology to create captivating and immersive experiences. These billboards blend the virtual and physical worlds, capturing viewers’ attention and leaving a lasting impression.

Image Source: Instagram

One remarkable example of a 3D digital billboard is Nike’s AirMax campaign. Using augmented reality, the billboard brings the AirMax shoes to life, allowing users to virtually try them on, customize colors and patterns, and see how they look in different real-world environments. This extraordinary fusion of technology, detail, and creativity showcases Nike’s commitment to innovation in advertising.

6) Light 'em Up and Gain Eyeballs: Times Square's Exemplary Impact

When discussing applications for digital signage, it would be remiss not to mention the iconic Times Square in the heart of bustling New York City. This vibrant city square stands as a testament to the immense impact and engagement that digital signage can achieve.

Times Square is filled with a lot of digital signages adorning buildings and captivating the attention of millions of passersby. These dynamic displays, with their vibrant colors, captivating animations, and larger-than-life visuals, are the lifeline of the square. They create an electric atmosphere and contribute to the unique identity of Times Square.

If we were to replace these digital signages with static billboards, Times Square would lose its dynamic and immersive character.

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